Travelling Grate Stoker

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Travelling  Grate Stoker

The Traveling Grate Stoker that we produce is combustion stokers that are used for coal and biomass fuels. These produces are new style traveling grate which are characterized by their easy maintenance and repair. Therefore, these products are used for biomass boilers, industrial boilers, garbage waste incineration burners in the energy electric power plants, organic heat carrier furnaces and hot air drying furnaces. Since there is no need for stopping the boiler for replacing the broken grates and the coal leak from grate stoker surface is reduced. Operation and performances of these stokers are constant and highly reliable. The good and stout structure is liked by our clients. Stoker parts are made from stainless steel and ductile iron. We never made any compromise over the aspect of quality. Use of best materials has also ensured high performances. The client is just required to provide us with specifications from which the expert crafter can make the right kind of products. There has been a recent development in this product sector which has been popular for enhanced functioning. This is named as Chain Grate Stoker and is used to feed, carry and burn coal. It comprises an endless articulated grate. The machine has acquired an electric motor that helps in driving the grate in the forward direction through an imbibed gear system. The rate of movement has been varied by the use of a variable speed DC motor. It helps to control the air used in the combustion process.

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