Thermex Boiler Stoker

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Thermex  Boiler Stoker

The design of these products was originally provided by the Boiler and Heater group. The company is the largest business division of Thermax. They provide equipment and solutions for generating steam, power and for process heating. All the equipments and systems are offered on a turnkey basis, EPC packaging of balance of plant for power plant as well as providing service solution for old boiler and process furnaces. The parent company can provide steam generation solutions for all sorts of process and power needs. The range of combustion options includes various solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. The other alternatives are recovery of heat from all gas turbines and engine exhausts. It has included all types of industrial processes and applications.
All such boilers made by us are simple, cost effective and efficiently designed. The immaculate designs have revealed an enhanced performance. The benefits attributed from these designed products include high combustion efficiency, superior reliability and availability, low maintenance costs, reduced erosion, enormous fuel flexibility and low emissions. The beautiful and systematic design has a unique internal recirculation effect. It also employs a two stage particle separation system. The implementation of ‘Clean Coal’ technology has caused an enhanced acceptance among the customers.

C.I. Tee Bar

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Chain Link Assembly

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