Babcock Stokers

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Babcock  Stokers

All the combustion grates designed by Babcock and Wilcox are used for flow of wastes. These grates ensure drying, ignition, combustion, energy release and complete burn-out even before the ash outlet at the bottom. There exist two different varieties of combustion grates built using this design. Each of these is available in both water-cooled and air-cooled designs. Both the designs are developed to provide enough transfusion of water through the furnace.

  • Dynagrate Stokers: The product has an inbuilt capacity to provide excellent performance and the maintenance cost is also low. The product causes negligible tearing. The advanced technology implemented in making these products has been able to meet the demand of coming era in waste to energy sector. Thus, it ensures high level of accessibility, fuel flexibility and energy recovery under environmentally sound conditions. The water cooled feature has been able to provide high durability for combustion of high calorific wastes that can cause high thermal stresses in the grate. Our products that belong to this category have been popularized for:
  • Excellent burning out of the waster fuel due to a strong agitation
  • The grate bars have no contact in-between. This type of design has ensured minimum impact of mechanical forces whereby minimizes the need for spare parts too.
  • Involvement of an integrated water cooling system has worked for stable operation and high availability of the combustion system.
  • Volund combustion grates: The technology has been under application for a considerably larger period. The construction has been planned as well-proven and robust. However, the team of researchers with us is continuing researches for bringing improvement in the technology. Our constant effort to make heat cast grates with high efficiency and easy affordability has brought about the products with current stature. All of our products under this category are liked for lower maintenance cost and ability to give off minimum of harmful substance. All these machines are known for optimum energy recovery ability. These have solid and robust design that imparts high durability. The product has higher demand especially for their simple and robust design. All these grates are suitable for wastes having low calorific values.

Grate Bar With Chain Link Assembly